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Exploring the Metaverse: A New Realm for Qualitative Research?

Insights from the Best Paper at ESOMAR Congress 2023 exploring the metaverse as an opportunity for qualitative research. The authors detail their efforts to investigate the metaverse’s potential for market research, outlining the goals, research tasks, and challenges they encountered. […]

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Industry Focus

That Was Then, This Is Now: How Financial Services Product Research Has Evolved in the Past Quarter Century

Mike Carlon takes us back in time to show how product development research in financial services has evolved from solution-focused to customer-focused. Today’s clients are using more agile, iterative explorations, conducted with far less money and time. The article details the essential methods and skills qualitative researchers need to be successful in financial services product research. […]


What I Learned from Guided Tours… as a Traveler and as a Researcher

In this travel reflection, Oana Popa Rengle reevaluates guided tours based on tours she recently took in Sicily and Portugal, drawing parallels between her experiences and qualitative research. Read how the exploration of a unique “spleen sandwich” in Palermo, a visit to a family-owned salt pan in Trapani, and touring Lisbon with locals inspired her approach to qualitative research. […]


Qualitative Researchers Are Facing More Anxiety, Fatigue, Stress, and Burnout, and the U.S. Mental Health Crisis Isn’t Helping

Americans’ mental health is in crisis, and it can’t help but affect the health of qualitative researchers. The notion of “catching” depression isn’t hyperbole, but a real danger for qualitative researchers. Stressed and depressed respondents, stressful client demands, and lack of management support can trigger stress, depression, and burnout. Author Renee Hopkins shares some helpful advice on how to care for one’s own well-being. […]


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