Each issue of VIEWS typically contains the following columns: Business Matters, Dear Emeritus, Global, Industry News, Schools of Thought, Toolbox, Book Reviews. From time to time, we also publish articles in Luminaries, Travel Wise, Trends, Podcasts, Humor, and News from QRCA.

Business Matters

These articles help independent qualitative research consultants in operating their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Articles include but are not limited to business strategies, business operations, legal advice, and marketing.

Dear Emeritus

Experienced quallies respond to questions from QRCA members on a variety of topics. Get perspectives from three or four QRCA Emeritus members.

Global Research

Articles give a better understanding of qualitative research around the world. Most articles will focus outside North America and/or how to successfully complete qualitative research projects in other cultures or countries.

Industry Focus

Each Industry Focus article will feature a different vertical and shine a spotlight on industry-specific issues that influence research design and project execution. Our goal is to share best practices within an industry that can also be shared across industries.


This section covers current and emerging methods of design, execution, and reporting of qualitative research – primarily covering tools, techniques and analysis methods. It is the “how-to” source of information for researchers, practical and simple to apply.

Schools of Thought

Articles provide provocative topics or authors that spawn discussions within the research community. Articles purposely lean towards controversial subjects, timely topics, or edgy ideas addressing any aspect of the market research industry or its stakeholders. You may find theoretical discussions and academic topics/authors in this section.


Interviews between a QRCA member and recognized leaders and visionaries in qualitative research and related fields. These fascinating interviews provide an opportunity to discover how global corporations are approaching research, what processes are shaping changes in our industry, where thought leaders see our future is heading, and much more.

Travel Wise

Get practical advice about how qualitative researchers and others can better manage travel. The intent is to make it easier, more productive, and more enjoyable to travel for business — and pleasure. Articles will usually take the form of tips, tricks, or guidance from experienced travelers.


Learn about the rising trends in marketing, branding, advertising, and consumer research (including qualitative research). Articles and topics that may be covered are segmented markets, consumer tastes, emerging markets, futuristic ideas/theories, and market research advances. The Trends column may also include general exposé and does not need to focus on particular tools or techniques.

Book Reviews

Our reviews feature books that may be related directly to qualitative research, the market research industry, or have general business interest that would enhance or inspire the reader to be better at their career.


Podcasts are 20 to 60 minutes long, conducted by QRCA members with influencers in the qualitative research or related fields. Interviews cover a variety of topics including qualitative research, strategic consulting, skill development, academia and other related areas of interest to our readers. Interviews often go into more depth with an author of a VIEWS article.


A humorous or lighter look at the practice of qualitative research with stories, articles, or visual and interactive approaches (such as editorial cartoons).