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That Was Then, This Is Now: How Financial Services Product Research Has Evolved in the Past Quarter Century

Mike Carlon takes us back in time to show how product development research in financial services has evolved from solution-focused to customer-focused. Today’s clients are using more agile, iterative explorations, conducted with far less money and time. The article details the essential methods and skills qualitative researchers need to be successful in financial services product research. […]

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The Implications for Qualitative Researchers as the Video Game Industry Achieves Greater Cultural Relevance

For qualitative researchers, even when we aren’t working in a gaming-specific vertical or courting a gaming company, it’s increasingly likely that gaming will become part of the work we do. Jason Rice offers tips on how to better understand the gaming world, and what strategies qualitative researchers must utilize to be successful in this industry. […]

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The Implications for Qualitative Researchers as Tesla Disrupts the Automotive Industry

Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry with innovations in vehicle connectivity, autonomy, sharing, and electrification. Feature editor Tom Neveril explains how this has sparked an industry-wide wave of innovation initiatives, and suggests qualitative researchers re-think traditional automotive study approaches and adopt more agile, iterative explorations that focus on the impact of new technologies on customer lifestyles. Several industry-leading automotive researchers share their views on the essential methods and skills needed to successfully conduct automotive research. […]

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3 Ways Qualitative Researchers Can Help P&C Insurance Companies Transform Their Industry

The property & casualty insurance industry is undergoing massive change as artificial intelligence and automation change the customer experience. Feature editor Tom Neveril explores what qualitative skills are helpful as clients attempt to personalize their services and build long-term loyalty. Several insurance company researchers and independent qualitative consultants contributed insights. […]

Pharmaceutical Market Research
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Expanding Your Business into Pharmaceutical Market Research

Pharmaceutical research is so rewarding—you’re contributing to the greater good of your communities—but it is also a very demanding industry to work in. In this article, we share the rewards, challenges, and scenarios in this field, so that you too might explore expanding your business into the vibrancy of pharma research. […]