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By Foster Winter, Podcast Editor, Sigma: Research & Management Group, Cincinnati, Ohio, foster@sigmaresearch.com

We now have more than 60 past episodes; ten of those are now also housed in the new QRCA Qualology Learning Hub (QLH) for your convenience.

We hope you will find the podcasts a good way to keep in touch with interesting topics in between the arrival of the quarterly VIEWS magazine. Some of the newest topics include:

  • The Power of Business Conversations
  • Qualitative Tools for Generative Design Research
  • Writing the Right Questions
  • What Marketers Need to Know about Human Bias

Of course, you may have a few other things on your plate preventing you from tracking the latest Conversations in Depth podcast. However, now you can subscribe to them right on the VIEWS podcast page.

Qualalogy Learning Hub

Our top ten podcasts have also been added to QRCA’s new Qualology Learning Hub.

  1. Naomi Henderson—Secrets of A Master Moderator, March 2012
  2. Jen Golbeck interview—Using Social Media to Enhance Qualitative Research, 2018*
  3. Kayte Hamilton—Writing the Right Questions, May 2020
  4. Liz Sanders—Qualitative Tools for Generative Design Research, January 2021
  5. Richard Shotton—What Marketers Need to Know about Human Bias, March 2020
  6. Karen Mangia—The Role of Qualitative Research at Salesforce, July 2020
  7. Jennifer Dale—Online Qualitative: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going, September 2020
  8. Rick Weitzer—The Case for Qualitative Research Education, November 2020
  9. Martin Raymond—The Critical Role of the Human Researcher in Foresight Research, April 2020
  10. Jim Heisler—The New World of Market Research, 2018*

*approximate published date

Remember, if you have a topic that you think would make an interesting podcast, give me a shout: foster@sigmaresearch.com.

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