color photo headshot of Professor Batja Mesquita in front of a large bookshelf

Professor Batja Mesquita on Culture’s Role in Shaping Emotions and Accounting for Them in Research

Zoë Billington speaks with Professor Batja Mesquita, a pioneer of cultural psychology, about how culture shapes emotion, and how emotions act as powerful tools in relationships. After reading, you may be compelled to rethink if, when, and how to ask participants the very important question, “how did you feel about that?” …and even add on “and what did you do about that?” and “and how did you respond to how that made you feel?” […]


Diverse Research Teams Help Maximize Your Insights

With the increased interest in engaging diverse communities from brands and organizations across all sectors, some market researchers are faced with a unique challenge in engaging these communities. Learn the importance of building a diverse research team and its impact not only on your team’s viability, but also recommendations provided for clients. […]