VIEWS Podcasts: David Kalisher

Mike Carlon is joined by David Kalisher of Jolly Road productions. Listen in as we uncover David’s journey from struggling artist to successful filmmaker creating visual experiences for advertising, market research, corporate board rooms, conferences, museums, living rooms, digital content, and more. […]

From the Editor in Chief

From the Editor in Chief – Summer 2024

Our cover story is on the Future of Qualitative Research in our Business Matters column. We thank author Len Ferman for donating his time to conduct a workshop on the future of qualitative research and share the ideas generated. […]

Book Reviews

Generations: The Real Differences Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents—and What They Mean for America’s Future, by Jean M. Twenge, Atria Books, 2023

Cynthia Tello reviews Jean M. Twenge’s book, Generations, a fascinating book that will transform your viewpoint on the six living generations in America. Based on a rigorous, yet creative methodological approach, Generations offers an innovative perspective and a new Model of Generations, placing technology at the base of all radical transformations of society and the catalyst behind generational change. […]


Design Thinking for Insights Professionals

Taking us through the Design Thinking process step by step using a real-life example, author Jani de Kock explores both the principles and theory behind Design Thinking, and practical tools & methods for running a successful Design Thinking project. […]


Against the Odds: The Battle-Hardened Spirit of Latin Americans

Olivia Tykocki, a researcher with Latin American roots, shows Latin Americans not merely as survivors in the face of ongoing economic and political upheavals, but as masters of adaptation. Based on insightful research and first-hand experiences, Tykocki uncovers how enduring cultural values intersect with adaptive responses to shape consumer behavior and inspire innovation in the LatAm market. […]


New Experiences at the Ole Ball Game from a Researcher’s Perspective

The 4 “E”s of the Experience economy—Entertainment, Escapism, aEsthetics, and Entertainment—are all found within the great American pastime of baseball. In this article, human geographer and baseball fan Nick Wise discusses the range of experiences you can observe at baseball games this summer by using the 4 E’s framework, inspiring qualitative researchers to look differently at place in our work. […]