Celebrating 40 Years of Qualitative Excellence – 2023 Annual Conference

Our 2023 conference theme, “Eyes, Ears, Senses, Oh My! Powering Up for the Future of Qual,” is about honing our skills for the next 40 years, which will undoubtedly be centered on a digital-first and tech-enabled world. Charlotte, North Carolina, is the perfect backdrop for this context, given it is one of the fastest-growing southern U.S. cities and caters to a wide variety of industries from banking, energy, and you guessed it—technology. […]


VIEWS Podcasts: Dave Kaye

A seasoned expert in digital qualitative research, Dave Kaye’s career has taken him around the world listening firsthand to stories from thousands of research participants. His ability to get to the heart of the narrative and the insights that live within it has put him at the forefront of mobile research co-founding Field Notes, one of the world’s first smart phone research apps. Dave is passionate about bringing new technologies to research, but he is always keen to keep things simple. He joins Conversations in Depth to discuss his nontraditional path of getting into the market research business and his passion for digital methods. […]

QRCA 2022-23 President Michael Mermelstein
From the President

From The President – Winter 2022-23

QRCA is comprised of a broad community of market researchers who specialize in qualitative research. A strong sense of community is what has and continues to make QRCA such a great organization. The powerful sense of community that exists has always been a core strength. […]


VIEWS Podcasts: Wendy Pease

Wendy Pease is the owner and president of Rapport International, a translation and interpretation services company specializing in marketing translation. Mike Carlon interviews her in the newest VIEWS Podcast. […]


Pushing the Reset Button on Business Trips

After years and years of the same routine of traveling between cities and adjusting to different time zones, all while squeezing in analysis and drafting reports whenever she could, seasoned business traveler and qualitative researcher Susen Dunmire shares how breaking her norm helped her uncover ways to rejuvenate and revitalize. While previously she was usually drained by the end of the week, this article shares way that she was still energized and focused at the end of a multi-city travel week. […]

Book Reviews

Rethinking Users: How a Detailed Look at User Archetypes Can Change Your Outlook on EcoSystems by Michael Youngblood, Benjamin J. Chesluk, & Nadeem Haidary,BIS Publishers, 2021

Book reviewer Paula Rosecky, who is both a facilitator and coach, uses the context of a plane ride to share how Rethinking Users: How a Detailed Look at User Archetypes Can Change Your Outlook on EcoSystems, by Michael Youngblood, Benjamin J. Chesluk, and Nadeem Haidary, expands the reader’s view of user design. […]