VIEWS Podcasts: Wendy Pease

Wendy Pease is the owner and president of Rapport International, a translation and interpretation services company specializing in marketing translation. Mike Carlon interviews her in the newest VIEWS Podcast. […]


Pushing the Reset Button on Business Trips

After years and years of the same routine of traveling between cities and adjusting to different time zones, all while squeezing in analysis and drafting reports whenever she could, seasoned business traveler and qualitative researcher Susen Dunmire shares how breaking her norm helped her uncover ways to rejuvenate and revitalize. While previously she was usually drained by the end of the week, this article shares way that she was still energized and focused at the end of a multi-city travel week. […]

Book Reviews

Rethinking Users: How a Detailed Look at User Archetypes Can Change Your Outlook on EcoSystems by Michael Youngblood, Benjamin J. Chesluk, & Nadeem Haidary,BIS Publishers, 2021

Book reviewer Paula Rosecky, who is both a facilitator and coach, uses the context of a plane ride to share how Rethinking Users: How a Detailed Look at User Archetypes Can Change Your Outlook on EcoSystems, by Michael Youngblood, Benjamin J. Chesluk, and Nadeem Haidary, expands the reader’s view of user design. […]


Usability Testing with Corner Store Owners in Pakistan: A How-To (and How-Not-To) Guide

When researching within the fast-and-loose world of corner store owners in Pakistan, Western design principles and User Experience research methodologies often do not apply. Issues such as cramped spaces in stores, cracked phone screens, dialect differences, and a target of technology novices can derail your research. Based on personal experience, Usama Waheed (co-founder at dli5) explains why many traditional UX techniques do not work in these situations and then shares UX methods he has developed to adapt to this market […]

Business Matters

Confidentiality Matters: Qualitative Best Practices

Data privacy is becoming increasingly important, and also increasingly confusing. The global head of compliance and quality for Cerner Enviza discusses best practices for maintaining confidentiality and also abiding by privacy laws when practicing qualitative research. The article includes advice on how to best handle any incidental disclosure by respondents. […]

Dear Emeritus

QRCA Emeriti Inspire Social Progress with Qualitative Techniques

QRCA Emeriti share perspectives on qualitative tools and facilitation techniques by lending a hand in creating more productive dialogue in our society at the community level. Several suggestions for local volunteering opportunities are offered, tactics that qualitative researchers can teach non-researchers are discussed, and a sneak peek of what the Emeritus members are developing for the research industry is included. […]