Celebrating 40 Years of Qualitative Excellence – 2023 Annual Conference

Our 2023 conference theme, “Eyes, Ears, Senses, Oh My! Powering Up for the Future of Qual,” is about honing our skills for the next 40 years, which will undoubtedly be centered on a digital-first and tech-enabled world. Charlotte, North Carolina, is the perfect backdrop for this context, given it is one of the fastest-growing southern U.S. cities and caters to a wide variety of industries from banking, energy, and you guessed it—technology. […]


Let’s Visit Charlotte!

Our next annual QRCA conference will be in Charlotte, North Carolina in March. In this article Chris Hauck familiarizes you with the attractions, food, and entertainment in Charlotte, so you can plan ahead for a productive and fun week in the Queen City. […]