Celebrating 40 Years of Qualitative Excellence – 2023 Annual Conference

Our 2023 conference theme, “Eyes, Ears, Senses, Oh My! Powering Up for the Future of Qual,” is about honing our skills for the next 40 years, which will undoubtedly be centered on a digital-first and tech-enabled world. Charlotte, North Carolina, is the perfect backdrop for this context, given it is one of the fastest-growing southern U.S. cities and caters to a wide variety of industries from banking, energy, and you guessed it—technology. […]


Let’s Visit Charlotte!

Our next annual QRCA conference will be in Charlotte, North Carolina in March. In this article Chris Hauck familiarizes you with the attractions, food, and entertainment in Charlotte, so you can plan ahead for a productive and fun week in the Queen City. […]


VIEWS Podcasts: Dave Kaye

A seasoned expert in digital qualitative research, Dave Kaye’s career has taken him around the world listening firsthand to stories from thousands of research participants. His ability to get to the heart of the narrative and the insights that live within it has put him at the forefront of mobile research co-founding Field Notes, one of the world’s first smart phone research apps. Dave is passionate about bringing new technologies to research, but he is always keen to keep things simple. He joins Conversations in Depth to discuss his nontraditional path of getting into the market research business and his passion for digital methods. […]


Beyond Their Words: Bob Granito on the Past, Present, and Future of Neuro Methods

We can’t read respondents’ minds, but through contemporary neuro methods we can access the truths they don’t mention, along with how they are feeling, how hard they’re thinking, and where they’re looking, to round out the data we get from what they say. The author explores neuro methods, where they came from, where they are going, and crucially, how we can leverage them to elevate the insights we deliver to our end-clients. […]


Conducting an Experience Investigation: A CX Approach That Adds Depth and Dimensionality to the Discovery Phase of Your Research

Show your clients a vivid picture of what it’s like to be one of their customers by delivering an Experience Investigation. Using a Customer Experience (CX) mindset, go beyond rational and conscious observations to better understand how expectations, emotions, subconscious clues, and behavioral psychology affect how customers feel toward a company. The article is a useful primer on how to pay attention to, capture, and evaluate the signals firsthand that create the emotions that can either attract or repel customers. […]

Industry Focus

The Implications for Qualitative Researchers as Tesla Disrupts the Automotive Industry

Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry with innovations in vehicle connectivity, autonomy, sharing, and electrification. Feature editor Tom Neveril explains how this has sparked an industry-wide wave of innovation initiatives, and suggests qualitative researchers re-think traditional automotive study approaches and adopt more agile, iterative explorations that focus on the impact of new technologies on customer lifestyles. Several industry-leading automotive researchers share their views on the essential methods and skills needed to successfully conduct automotive research. […]


Crossing Over from Traditional Qualitative to User Experience Research: The Journey with a Thousand Faces

There is increasing demand for user experience (UX) research, and qualitative researchers’ unique expertise in understanding human behavior can help bring this type of research to the next level. The author focuses on the use of three frameworks that explain the “whys”—and this understanding is equally significant when consumers are interacting with technology as when they interact with other products and services. The author provides examples that have proven to be very useful in her experience exploring customer journeys within shopping apps and streaming platforms. […]