FUELING CREATIVITY WITH INSIGHTS: How Advertising Agencies Best Collaborate with Qualitative Researchers

Consumer insights are the most critical building blocks of effective advertising—and the key people behind those insights are often qualitative researchers. Kathleen Kindle, Group Strategy Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, delves into why advertising agencies rely heavily on qualitative insights and what advertising strategists and creatives need from qualitative researchers. […]

Book Reviews

Forget the Funnel: A Customer-Led Approach for Driving Predictable, Recurring Revenue by Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop, Lioncrest Publishing, 2023

In Forget the Funnel: A customer-led approach for driving predictable, recurring revenue, authors Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop not only explain how to gather high-quality insights, but also how to precisely translate these insights into a prioritized, strategic, laser-focused action plan for clients. […]