Image showing a Jeep ad from the 2021 Super Bowl, along with a participant's brain wave reaction

Your Brain on Super Bowl Ads

Every year, Marketing Brainology conducts a Super Bowl study that measures an average of 40 participants’ reactions to commercials using a three-step process—leveraging EEG, eye-tracking, and in-depth interviews. These processes are done consecutively on the same day, to capture participants’ raw reactions to the ads, as these reactions have the potential to fade or be forgotten as time passes. […]


Don’t Be Left in the Dark about “Dark Marketing”

Dark marketing, or dark advertising, is a type of online advertising visible only to the advertiser’s publisher and the intended target audience. In the early 2010s, dark marketing emerged as a new way to target potential customers through targeted ads, primarily within social media platforms. A decade later, it has evolved into a powerful tool offering marketers unprecedented marketing opportunities by giving them more of a laser-focused approach versus a shotgun approach. […]

photo sequence
Schools of Thought

What Might a Picture “Sequence” Reveal for Deeper Insights?

Like many marketing researchers and facilitators, Mary Ellyn Vicksta uses photos and visuals during focus groups and facilitate meetings to prompt responses. The use of sequencing can be extremely helpful to get to a deeper meaning—whether that is with consumers or with clients as they develop products or services. This article explains sequencing and how to use it. […]

Online Networking
Business Matters

Networking without In-Person Events

Steve Henke, a sales and marketing expert, lays out strategies and tactics for business development. The article illustrates networking tips for leveraging virtual events such as online conferences and other web-based meetings. There is also a discussion about LinkedIn and how to build an online presence that boosts both your company’s profile as well as the quality of your outreach. The article also describes novel approaches for reconnecting with current and recent clients. […]

Burning Man Festival

Discovering the Lessons of Burning Man

Burning Man is an immersion, not an observation. It’s a two-way, mutual understanding that anything exposed or shared is sacred and experienced without judgment. Being in the business of asking questions and asking people to share their truths, author Tory Gentes would challenge you—are you willing to share your truths to uncover society’s deeper truths? […]