Shooting a stand-up show. Stand-up comedian on stage at the microphone.
Business Matters

3 Things Stand-Up Comedy Can Teach You About Building a Moderating Business

With a background as a professional stand-up comedian, focus group moderator/interviewer Leigh Kessler delivers a unique perspective on the fundamentals of both, highlighting similarities and sharing three unique lessons learned in stand-up comedy that can help develop interview skills and make you a great focus group moderator. Learn how you can benefit as a moderator—and businessperson—by spending a little time doing stand-up comedy. […]

Business Matters

Improv Mindset: 4 Principles to Build Your Qualitative Skills

Qualitative research is a form of applied improvisation: even though moderators prepare extensively, almost anything can happen in an actual conversation, and we have to be able to react in the moment—all while putting on a show for our highly-engaged client “audience.” Actor Will Dennis describes how deliberately adopting an “improv mindset” can further bolster our qualitative skills, offering exercises to help us listen more attentively, make our respondents look good, and reconsider how spontaneous dialogue can turn into opportunities for more genuine and authentic conversations with participants. […]

Schools of Thought

The Critical Need to Read Body Language in Qualitative Research

Qualitative research has long relied upon verbal responses to discussions/interview questions. This method appeared to work well, until it didn’t. It has become evident that what a research participant’s body language says is just as important, if not more important, than what they verbally say. It is time for qualitative researchers to add formal body language training to their professional toolbox. The good news is there are training and certification options to help you become a Micro Expression Practitioner or Micro Expression Master. […]