color photo headshot of Professor Batja Mesquita in front of a large bookshelf

Professor Batja Mesquita on Culture’s Role in Shaping Emotions and Accounting for Them in Research

Zoë Billington speaks with Professor Batja Mesquita, a pioneer of cultural psychology, about how culture shapes emotion, and how emotions act as powerful tools in relationships. After reading, you may be compelled to rethink if, when, and how to ask participants the very important question, “how did you feel about that?” …and even add on “and what did you do about that?” and “and how did you respond to how that made you feel?” […]

an image of Sigmund Freud psychanalyzing a female patient
Schools of Thought

How Techniques from Psychoanalysis Can Provide Deeper Insights

Darren Harvey draws from his psychoanalytic training to explain how leaning into research participants’ defensive behaviors and anxiety can provide valuable material for understanding their world. When one’s true self is seen, validated, and brought into the space, participants can enjoy a more enriching and satisfying experience, and our clients can net deeper and more meaningful insights from consumers. […]


Perceptions of Place, According to the Media…

An academic researcher, Nick Wise looks at the media with a critical eye, especially when it comes to the places he visits for fun and for his research. Media analysis is important to Nick’s research so that he can understand the way news media coverage impacts tourism. The media broadcasts stories of a place’s heritage or current events and this plays a role in people’s imaginations about a place, their willingness to travel—and for those who go, their perceptions of what they’re seeing and hearing. […]


Demystifying Semiotics: A Primer on How to Do Semiotic Decoding

In this how-to article, SemioFest co-founder Hamsini Shivakumar demystifies semiotics. She explains: what semiotics is; how it is different from voice-of-the-customer research; and how semiotics-based insights help your customers improve their marketing. Hamsini also provides an introductory how-to on conducting semiotics analyses so that you can consider how you might incorporate semiotics into your practice or business. […]

Schools of Thought

What Can Magicians Teach Us about How Consumers Think?

Working with qualitative methods inevitably requires that we consider issues of attention, sensory processing, and cognitive processes. In this article, veteran moderator and occasional magician Jeff Hecker discusses how magicians consider and leverage these same issues, with some fascinating implications for researchers. […]


VIEWS Podcasts: Kelsey Buttimer

In this podcast, Mike Carlon and Kelsey Buttimer (president of Fieldwork Chicago) discuss parallels between dancing and managing qualitative fieldwork, climbing the ladder in the qualitative research industry, and the value Fieldwork gets from its relationship with QRCA. […]