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Schools of Thought

Joy in Research: Nurturing Participant Enjoyment & Researcher Well-Being

Grounded in data and real-world experiences from the Year of Joy initiative, joy can be integrated into qualitative research as both a quantifiable metric and an intervention tool in research methodologies. Learn how the dual role of joy is setting new standards in participant engagement, data quality, and overall well-being, and providing actionable tips and insights for researchers and individuals to cultivate joy in various aspects of life. […]

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Trends in Qualitative Recruiting: Complexity Takes Its Toll

Renee Hopkins explains that qualitative recruiting is trending toward complexity from many angles. Researchers are creating more complex screeners for longer, more complex projects with shorter, less-flexible timelines. Recruiters are using technology and social media to find participants with more specific demographics and from underrepresented groups. […]

From the Editor in Chief

From the Editor in Chief – Winter 2023

When I read our cover story in this issue for the Travelwise column, I was excited for its message in several ways: it features exploring public art on our travels to expand our cultural understanding, it reminds us to slow down in life and smell the roses, which we all need to do, and it reminded me that there will be time to explore public art in Denver for the January 2024 QRCA Annual Conference. […]

Book Reviews

Forget the Funnel: A Customer-Led Approach for Driving Predictable, Recurring Revenue by Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop, Lioncrest Publishing, 2023

In Forget the Funnel: A customer-led approach for driving predictable, recurring revenue, authors Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop not only explain how to gather high-quality insights, but also how to precisely translate these insights into a prioritized, strategic, laser-focused action plan for clients. […]