QRCA 2022-23 President Michael Mermelstein
From the President

From The President – Summer 2023

A role model is someone whose behavior is in some ways imitated by others, primarily because role models have abilities. But it is their passion, values, and willingness to help others through coaching and mentoring that stands out. […]


Home 2 Home: Travel, Research, and My Hybrid Identity

Professor Weronika Kusek knows firsthand that while one’s physical home may change, we carry our identity wherever we go. A migrant from Poland to the United States, she discusses the complexities of living between two countries, with teaching commitments in one and extended family in another, all while conducting qualitative research. Her current work focuses on migrants in Poland, specifically on Ukrainian laborers moving into Poland. This research is led by current global events, as many Ukrainians come to Poland due to the refugee crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. […]

Global Sustainability

Sustainability Meets War, Inflation, and Drought: A Snapshot of Conscious Environmentalism in Germany

A long-term online consumer research community in Germany reveals choices consumers make on consumption and purchasing habits around sustainability impact in light of the economic downturn. The reader will gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of sustainability programs and the extent to which consumers are willing to alter their lifestyles for conservation. […]

QRCA 2022-23 President Michael Mermelstein
From the President

From The President – Winter 2022-23

QRCA is comprised of a broad community of market researchers who specialize in qualitative research. A strong sense of community is what has and continues to make QRCA such a great organization. The powerful sense of community that exists has always been a core strength. […]