Rest In Peace, Foster Winter

We acknowledge the contributions of Foster Winter to the VIEWS podcasts, and announce a new episode with April Bell, an empathy researcher and the author of The Fire Starter: Igniting Innovation with Empathy. […]

Industry Focus

3 Ways Qualitative Researchers Can Help P&C Insurance Companies Transform Their Industry

The property & casualty insurance industry is undergoing massive change as artificial intelligence and automation change the customer experience. Feature editor Tom Neveril explores what qualitative skills are helpful as clients attempt to personalize their services and build long-term loyalty. Several insurance company researchers and independent qualitative consultants contributed insights. […]

Tool Box

Diverse Research Teams Help Maximize Your Insights

With the increased interest in engaging diverse communities from brands and organizations across all sectors, some market researchers are faced with a unique challenge in engaging these communities. Learn the importance of building a diverse research team and its impact not only on your team’s viability, but also recommendations provided for clients. […]

Dear Emeritus

Dear Emeritus Answers Newbie Researcher

Four QRCA Emeritus members offer insightful guidance on maximizing a career in marketing research based on their experiential wisdom. Having led successful independent qualitative research careers for decades, each of these professional women share advice on what they have learned to make the most success out of any project or client relationship while maintaining a great reputation, quality of work, and work-life balance in an ever-evolving industry. […]