From the Editor in Chief – Spring 2023

Our Spring issue is stocked full of ideas and insights as you gear up for the next quarter.

Is Spring Here Yet?

Maybe not outside, but it is with our new Spring issue loaded with content!

By Tamara Kenworthy, PRC, PCM, MBA, VIEWS Editor in Chief, On Point Strategies, Des Moines, Iowa, tamara@on-pointstrategies.com

bunny vs snowman
It may feel like winter where you are, but our Spring issue will give you ideas to recharge.

Working on a quarterly magazine is an interesting project! As I’m writing this, I’m looking at a blanket of beautiful snow out my windows while reviewing our first issue of 2023, the Spring issue. The snow may be beautiful from the inside, and I kind of enjoy a small dose of experiencing four seasons in Iowa, but I’m always in a hurry for spring to get here for a rebirth of our natural green landscape and warmer temps.

As the seasons change, so do many things. With rising printing and paper costs (thanks COVID), you may notice a change in our binding of this issue. While we made no changes in our great content and visual aspects, we are being practical with our budget, and this printing change is just one way of controlling costs of the magazine.

I’d also like to welcome our newest editorial team member, Dean Stephens, who has joined us as a Toolbox Co-Feature Editor!

Our Spring issue is stocked full of ideas and insights as you gear up for the next quarter. Our cover story features our Global column with a great article on how to effectively manage global research projects with a high-quality translation system, ensuring we are capturing inclusion in our research. Our Luminaries column features David Wellisch on creating cultural fluency in consumer research and marketing. You don’t want to miss reading our Travelwise column that takes us to the Balkans, a fascinating read as our author focuses his academic work on media-focused travel and tourism research.

In talking with many peers, the topic of semiotics seems so elusive—but one of our Toolbox articles is one of the best articles I’ve read on the topic by breaking down exactly how researchers can utilize semiotics in our work. Our other Toolbox article explores the topic of data analysis—such an important piece of our work—and specifically a software analysis tool, Taguette. I can’t wait to use it. In our Schools of Thought column, we gain insights into the magic behind magicians’ tricks and how we can incorporate this mindset into our qualitative work.

Our Industry column this issue showcases the healthcare insurance industry and how quallies can get a leg up working in this industry. Our Podcast features Kelsey Buttimer, discussing parallels between growing up dancing competitively and managing qualitative fieldwork (a great analogy and one I’m excited about as I grew up in dance, too!).

We love to share ideas on helping researchers with their business operations, and we have three articles that highlight critical issues for managing our business. The first is an Insurance Primer 101 for research businesses in our Business Matters column. Our second is our Dear Emeritus column where our seasoned sages provide a range of tips on managing client relationships. Third is our Trends column where the article breaks down the complex arena of data transfer, focusing on the current pulse of sharing data out of the European Union and the U.S./EU’s work on data transfer.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our Book Reviews this issue—there are so many great new books, and our book reviews provide a snapshot of each one.

Please share this Spring issue (qrcaviews.org) with your network, post the digital flipbook link on social media, and email your clients an interesting article relevant to them. Finally, we love feedback—please let me know if you have story ideas or thoughts on VIEWS.

Happy reading! Until the next issue,