Beyond Their Words: Bob Granito on the Past, Present, and Future of Neuro Methods

We can’t read respondents’ minds, but through contemporary neuro methods we can access the truths they don’t mention, along with how they are feeling, how hard they’re thinking, and where they’re looking, to round out the data we get from what they say. The author explores neuro methods, where they came from, where they are going, and crucially, how we can leverage them to elevate the insights we deliver to our end-clients. […]

Image showing a Jeep ad from the 2021 Super Bowl, along with a participant's brain wave reaction

Your Brain on Super Bowl Ads

Every year, Marketing Brainology conducts a Super Bowl study that measures an average of 40 participants’ reactions to commercials using a three-step process—leveraging EEG, eye-tracking, and in-depth interviews. These processes are done consecutively on the same day, to capture participants’ raw reactions to the ads, as these reactions have the potential to fade or be forgotten as time passes. […]