From the Editor in Chief – Winter 2021-22

From the Editor in Chief

By Mike Carlon, Editor-in-Chief, QRCA VIEWS Magazine, Vertigo Partners, LLC, Stamford, Connecticut, mike.carlon@vertigopartners.com 

Winter is coming! Yikes, did I just start off this column with a clichéd Game of Thrones reference? Just like winter came for the house of Frey (thank you, Arya Stark), winter has come for me as well. Two years ago, I took over the editor-in-chief position from Jenifer Hartt, which means that this winter’s edition will be my last. It’s time to pass the torch (or snow shovel as the case may be) to someone willing and capable. That someone is (drumroll please) Tamara Kenworthy. This of course means that VIEWS is in great hands. 

Just a Song before I Go 

Before I leave you as EIC, though, I wanted to express my gratitude for you, our readers. You’ve entrusted me with shepherding this magazine through the past eight issues, and I can’t tell you what your confidence in me meant. 

My first appearance in VIEWS was way back in 2004 when I was working for Unilever and Jonathan Schneider interviewed me for an article on bulletin board discussion groups. Years later, after jumping to the practitioner side of the research industry, I pitched an article to VIEWS on moderating in the present, which was featured in spring 2010. That was followed by a humorous article exactly one year later. After that second article appeared, I was approached by then Editor-in-Chief Monica Zinchiak to be on the VIEWS committee as a feature editor and jumped at the chance. I started with Business Matters and then jumped over to become the Podcast editor when an opening became available. From there, I went on to become a managing editor, where I worked with the team to move their articles through our editorial process. When Jenifer Hartt approached me to take over as EIC, I couldn’t say no. 

As I step away from this post, I wanted to take a moment to thank a few people who helped me tremendously in this position. 

First and foremost is Laurie Pumper from Ewald Consulting. Laurie has an eye for grammar rivalled only by my mother. In addition to her amazing abilities as a copyeditor, Laurie is on every call related to VIEWS and has been a consistent presence on the committee for as long as I’ve been involved in it. We couldn’t produce the magazine without her. 

Next up, I may be the editor-in-chief, but our two managing editors, Tamara Kenworthy and Susan Fader, are the real superstars of VIEWS. Both rose to the occasion when managing editors were needed, and both have worked with their feature editors to source and publish the engaging, high-quality articles seen in VIEWS every quarter. In addition, both have found talented feature editors to join the committee as vacancies arose. You two are the best! 

Speaking of feature editors, what would the magazine be without the committed volunteers who not only source articles from outside authors but who work tirelessly with those authors to get their submissions ready for publication? I’ve worked with so many of you over the years, and I can’t possibly name all of you without forgetting somebody. Please know that I’ve truly enjoyed working with you, and your dedication to our committee and passion for our industry inspired me daily. 

Our committee gets all the content ready, but it must turn into a magazine somehow. That’s where Caleb Tindal and his team at E&M Consulting, Inc., come into play. Caleb takes our work and makes it look amazing. Furthermore, E&M’s leadership has been very generous with us over the years, and our relationship is more than a business relationship—it is a true partnership. Thank you, Caleb and team! 

If the VIEWS Committee thinks they are getting rid of me easily, I have some unfortunate news. I’m going back to my roots and staying on to oversee our Podcast features.  

Thank you all again for the opportunity to serve, and please join me in welcoming Tamara to the editor-in-chief position. 


Mike Carlon