Industry Focus

That Was Then, This Is Now: How Financial Services Product Research Has Evolved in the Past Quarter Century

Mike Carlon takes us back in time to show how product development research in financial services has evolved from solution-focused to customer-focused. Today’s clients are using more agile, iterative explorations, conducted with far less money and time. The article details the essential methods and skills qualitative researchers need to be successful in financial services product research. […]


VIEWS Podcasts: Laura Nozicka

Moderator and healthcare specialist Laura Nozicka joins Mike Carlon for a discussion on how moderators can use podcasting to help grow their business. In this episode, Mike and Laura discuss Laura’s path to marketing research, how she got her moderating business off the ground, and how she’s using podcasting to grow her business as it becomes more mature. […]


VIEWS Podcasts: Emmanuel Probst

Ipsos Executive Emmanuel Probst joins Mike Carlon for a discussion about the evolving role of brands and implications for market research. They discuss Probst’s latest book, Assemblage: The art and science of creating transformative brands. […]


Uncorking Their Stories: What I’ve Learned from Interviewing Authors

Moderators and authors have a lot in common, and no one knows this more than Mike Carlon. As the author of eight novels and a professional who has been involved in the qualitative marketing research business for a quarter of a century, Carlon lives these similarities firsthand. These insights were cemented after he started interviewing authors on the Uncorking a Story podcast and his researcher instincts kicked in, and he started documenting them. In this article, he shares insights into the five traits qualitative researchers and moderators share. […]

From the Editor in Chief

From the Editor in Chief – Winter 2021-22

Winter is coming! Yikes, did I just start off this column with a clichéd Game of Thrones reference? Just like winter came for the house of Frey (thank you, Arya Stark), winter has come for me as well. Two years ago, I took over the editor-in-chief position from Jenifer Hartt, which means that this winter’s edition will be my last. It’s time to pass the torch (or snow shovel as the case may be) to someone willing and capable. That someone is (drumroll please) Tamara Kenworthy. This of course means that VIEWS is in great hands.  […]

From the Editor in Chief

From the Editor in Chief – Fall 2021

I hope that this issue inspires you the same way it did all of us on the VIEWS team. You’ll be whisked away to the desert of Burning Man and the beautiful landscape of Southeast Asia. You’ll learn all about dark marketing and how to use WhatsApp in your qualitative research. Interested in storytelling? We’ve got something for you to sink your creative teeth into in this month’s Luminaries column which profiles Nancy Cox, a storytelling consultant. […]

From the Editor in Chief

From the Editor in Chief – Summer 2021

I’d like to call out a few changes we’ve made starting with the summer issue. We’ve decided to pivot the Online/Tech Talk column to have more of an industry focus. Years ago, when online qualitative was “new,” it warranted its own feature. However, we realized that there was a lot of overlap between that column and our Toolbox feature and, in the spirit of bringing more value to our readers, we decided to craft a column that highlights a different vertical in every edition. We welcome Tom Neveril to the QRCA VIEWS team as editor of this new feature. […]