From the Editor in Chief – Summer 2022

Exploring a Sense of Renewal—One Issue at a Time  

By Tamara Kenworthy, PRC, PCM, MBA, VIEWS Editor in Chief, On Point Strategies, Des Moines, Iowa, tamara@on-pointstrategies.com

I don’t have a green thumb, and while my husband gets all the credit for our many thriving plants indoors, we struggle with our outdoors landscaping. So, a friend who is obsessed with gardening is helping us visualize some problem areas outside to provide us with a renewed sense of surroundings for our home. She doesn’t just plant and enjoy. Rather, she is constantly trying new plants, moving things around in her yard, and learning as she goes—all the while enjoying a refreshed look at beauty all the time. 

As I sat down to write this column, her gardening approach made me appreciate how this philosophy is so important in all aspects of life. While we typically look at January 1 to recharge our engines for a new year, we know plans/goals cannot stay static in time—they evolve with new and changing dynamics. Our main goal at VIEWS is to educate our readers on new and thought-provoking ideas and ever-changing tools and methodologies—to help you stay up-to-date and enjoy a sense of renewal every quarter, personally and professionally. 

Sometimes, changing dynamics can be life-altering and hard to take. Our cover story is a MUST-read as Global Feature Editor Oana Rengle, who lives in Romania bordering Ukraine, gives us a stark look at what the humanitarian response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis can teach us about empathy in our work. In one of our Toolbox articles, we learn how to engage more culturally aware and driven empathetic approaches to research conversations and rapport building.  

Two innovative women are featured this issue—our Luminaries column is a conversation with Deepa Purushothaman who discusses the challenges women of color face in the corporate world, and the Podcast interview is with empathy researcher April Bell, discussing how to ignite innovation with empathy. 

Our Trends column highlights what we can learn from the 2021 Ipsos Global Trends Survey in making brands more meaningful to consumers. And our Industry column dives into three ways quallies can help P&C insurance companies transform their businesses. 

In Schools of Thought, we explore systematic ways to think about morality (sin versus virtue) in how we design and analyze research. In our second Toolbox column, we learn how diverse research teams help maximize insights. 

Leaning in for our businesses too, our Business Matters column focuses on LinkedIn and its analytics that matter most in positioning our business; Dear Emeritus responds to “Newbie Researcher” with lessons learned and success strategies for a long career; and the Travel column makes us think about how we can renew ourselves outside of work with a fun article on how one researcher loves pickleball and ties it into her research travels. 

Finally, our myriad Book Reviews offer so many great titles—be sure to check them out and set a goal of reading at least one from each issue. 

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Happy reading as you refresh your mindset and toolbox this quarter!  

Until the next issue,
Tamara Kenworthy