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Moderator and healthcare specialist Laura Nozicka joins Mike Carlon for a discussion on how moderators can use podcasting to help grow their business. In this episode, Mike and Laura discuss Laura’s path to marketing research, how she got her moderating business off the ground, and how she’s using podcasting to grow her business as it becomes more mature.
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By Mike Carlon, Podcast Host, Uncorking a Story, Stamford, Connecticut, michael.carlon@uncorkingastory.com

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This quarter, we are getting meta with our Podcast feature as moderator Laura Nozicka discusses how she has used her podcast—Desperate for a Diagnosis—to help grow her healthcare moderating business. 

Nozicka pivoted to being a qualitative research consultant midway through her career and quickly built a client base of research firms that needed a freelancer to help with moderating overflow. An expert at networking and using LinkedIn to help grow her business, Nozicka wanted to think outside of the box as her business began to mature. Enter podcasting! 

While conducting patient interviews, Nozicka repeatedly heard some heartbreaking stories about how long it took for patients to get diagnosed with rare diseases and the stress and anxiety that added to their lives. An avid podcast listener herself, Nozicka got to thinking—maybe sharing these stories in a public forum could help others in search of a diagnosis not feel so alone, and Desperate for a Diagnosis was born! 

Not only has sharing stories of diagnosis been helpful for her guests and listeners, it has also helped Nozicka grow her moderating business. Listen in to see how she went from idea to action and reaped some significant rewards. 

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