Perceptions of Place, According to the Media…

An academic researcher, Nick Wise looks at the media with a critical eye, especially when it comes to the places he visits for fun and for his research. Media analysis is important to Nick’s research so that he can understand the way news media coverage impacts tourism. The media broadcasts stories of a place’s heritage or current events and this plays a role in people’s imaginations about a place, their willingness to travel—and for those who go, their perceptions of what they’re seeing and hearing. […]


Pushing the Reset Button on Business Trips

After years and years of the same routine of traveling between cities and adjusting to different time zones, all while squeezing in analysis and drafting reports whenever she could, seasoned business traveler and qualitative researcher Susen Dunmire shares how breaking her norm helped her uncover ways to rejuvenate and revitalize. While previously she was usually drained by the end of the week, this article shares way that she was still energized and focused at the end of a multi-city travel week. […]

Burning Man Festival

Discovering the Lessons of Burning Man

Burning Man is an immersion, not an observation. It’s a two-way, mutual understanding that anything exposed or shared is sacred and experienced without judgment. Being in the business of asking questions and asking people to share their truths, author Tory Gentes would challenge you—are you willing to share your truths to uncover society’s deeper truths? […]